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Jess's Lost Book

Trapped between the pages of someone else's story...

14 June 1989
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Only slightly, possible an obsessive person...only cases that prove this possibility is deep love and knowledge of Green Wing and well Doctor Who seems to have throughly burrowed its own home in my heart, as well as Torchwood amd Ashes To Ashes!
I love films, TV, book and theatre.....mostly anything that i can use as an excuse to up it to London for a weekend.
I like, no love Green Wing and Doctor Who, no two other things can beat them. Unless someone offered me Stephen Mangan and David Tennant in which case i would be rather shakie over who i chose!
Films i like - Confetti, Rabbit Fever, The Thomas Crown Affair, Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, etc.
TV i like - Casanova, Life On Mars, BBC's Much Ado About Nothing, Black Books, Spaced, Jane Hall, Love Soup, Fear, Stress And Anger, Gavin and Stacy, Family Guy, etc.
Theatre - Much Ado About Nothing, Landscape With Weapon, Anotony and Cleopatra, etc.
Books - Doctor Who, Torchwood, Girl Interupted, Adrian Mole, Bridget Jones' Diary, Silence of teh Lambs collection, Shakespeare, Philipa Gregory, general period book if based around 15-1800s etc.