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Fairy!lock AU

Inspired by Petratodd and her wonderful photo sets on Tumblr.

… …

Injured by an iron nail Sherlock strays from his usual path home to 221B Beech Tree. Exhausted, he hopelessly collapses by a seemingly deserted stream.

Molly’s out collecting algae from the stones by the streams edge, the running water grating on her nerves, when she finds the half-dead fay.

He wakes to the sound of sparrows roosting and the gentle touch of wet moss wiping away the sweat on his brow, and stares transfixed by the shy, young fairy that silently nurses him back to health.

She doesn’t expect Sherlock to stay long after he is well again, but when her neighbours begin falling ill, he works tirelessly with her to find the cause.

When they final take down Moriarty’s network of Nightshade Berry Fairy’s Molly and Sherlock give into the adrenalin pounding through their veins.

The morning after Molly wakes alone, a basket of glittering vials on the bed next to her. She sets about visiting each of her patients with Sherlock’s cure, easing their pain, if not her own.

She’s fluttering between the branches of her Cherry Tree searching for the most succulent fruits when she spies a contrite Sherlock flying towards her with a sprig of Silver Edged Lavender held tight in his fist and promise in his eyes.

A/N: Fairy!lock All my fairy knowledge is based on Cicely Mary Barker’s The Secret World of the Flower Fairies.