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Fanfiction List For SHERLOCK & DOCTOR WHO


I Won't Hurt You (Sherlock/Irene Adler) 12A
So Away With All This Sentimental Tosh, And Let Us Get On With The Hanging (Sherlock, Molly Hooper) PG

We Should Rule The World (River Song/Irene Adler) 12A


(Work In Progress) Empty Space And Points Of Light (River Song, Ninth Doctor, River Song/The Doctor) PG (Prologue/?)

A Thousand Cranes (River Song/Eleventh Doctor) PG
Bleeding Out (River Song/Eleventh Doctor) PG
Wrecking Ball (River Song/Eleventh Doctor) PG
Too Hot The Eye Of Heaven Shines (River Song/Eleventh Doctor) ADULT
Lost Gypsy Boy (The Doctor) PG
Cherry Lips (Something With A Kick) (River Song/The Doctor.) PG
Nail Polish (River Song, The Tardis) PG
I Am Living Painted In Flames (River Song/The Doctor) ADULT
Heart Of The Heartless (River Song/Master, Doctor) PG
Lines On Palms (River Song/Eleventh Doctor) ADULT
It's Like Catching Sunlight In A Jar (Professor River Song, Melody Pond/Eleventh Doctor(Friendship), Amy Pond, Rory Pond, OC) PG
You Said You Had Been Here Before (River Song/The Doctor) PG
Heavy Skirts (River Song/The Doctor, OC) PG
Family Profession (River Song/Eleventh Doctor, Rory Pond) PG
It's Tough To Have A Crush On You (River Song/Ninth Doctor, TARDIS) PG/12A
Stranger I’ve known you for so long (I found you lost with a compass in the fog) (River Song(Melody/Mels), Amelia/Amy Pond, Rory Williams/Pond, Eleventh Doctor) PG
The Koala Bear (Sleeping Habits Of A Time Lord) (Rory Pond, River Song/Eleventh Doctor) PG
Intimately And Intricately (River Song/TARDIS/Doctor) ADULT
And Soon, My Friend, We Shall Have No Time For Dances (River Song/Eleventh Doctor) PG
(So Brightly, The Flames Burn In Our Hearts) That We Found Each Other In The Dark (River Song, TARDIS) PG
And You Are My Revolver (The Master/River Song) PG
Texting And Scones (River Song/Eleventh Doctor, Rory Pond) PG
Cherry Lips (Or The Five Times The Doctor Fell Victim To The Lipstick) (River Song/Eleventh Doctor, Rory Pond, Amy Pod) 12A
Vacancy Sign (River Song, Eleventh Doctor) PG
It's Neverland You Need (Rory Pond, Melody Pond, Amy Pond) PG
Crumbling Between The Fingers (River Song/Eleventh Doctor) PG
Hello Captain (Jack Harkness/River Song, Eleventh Doctor/River Song, Implied future threesome) 15
He Is Just A Toy (Auton!Doctor/River Song, River Song/Eleventh Doctor) ADULT
My Heart Stopped, That's Never Happened To Me Before (Except That Time When...) (River Song/Eleventh Doctor, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Amy Pond) PG
With A Great Clap Of Thunder They Are Swept Away (RIVER SONG) PG
He Loved Her In Every Scratch Of Lead (River Song/Tenth & Eleventh Doctor) PG
Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones, But Your Words Will Haunt Us (River Song/Eleventh Doctor) PG
Then You Stole Me. And I Stole You (TARDIS(Idris)/Eleventh Doctor) ADULT
The Night Falls Into Shadows (River Song/Eleventh Doctor) 15/ADULT
I Twist In The Green And The Gold (River Song/Eleventh Doctor) 15
Heart Of Stars (River Song, Tenth Doctor) PG
Darning (River Song, Eleventh Doctor) 12A
Born In The Blood Of Others (River Song, Eleventh Doctor) 12A

This Is A Pet Free TARDIS (Part 1/2 of the Doctor-Cat) - (River Song/Eleventh Doctor) PG
Another Stray Along For The Ride (Part 2/2 of the Doctor-Cat) - (River Song/Eleventh Doctor) PG

The Companion Code (Alex Drake/Tenth Doctor, Gene Hunt, TARDIS) 12A
Collecting Stars And Memories (Alex Drake/Tenth Doctor, Alex Drake/Gene Hunt, Molly Drake) 12A